UX/UI Design

→ OIO is a hypothetical app made to benefit couples in long distance relationships. By making an app with helpful functions, I wanted to help those who are away from their beloved ones to communicate their (mediated) intimacy better.

→ Background
    + During my research for MA on mediated intimacy of couples in long distance relationships (LDR), I noticed the lack of mobile app services committed for LDR couples.
    + I also realised couples in long distance use multiple different apps/platforms to find info about their partners’ location status, such as time (clock app), weather (weather app), and news (news app or internet browser).
    + In addition to this, the LDR couples were using multiple messaging / calling service apps as well.

→ With the optimised services for LDR couples, such as showing live time, weather, and local news of two different cities, I wanted to design an app where couples in LDR find useful functions and easy navigation through the app, in order to help their mediated intimacy. 

[ OIO -  prototype made in AdobeXD ]

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