A Secure Place
2019.04 - 2019.11
Illustration, Exhibition in London & Beijing

→ A Secure Place - Sunlight, Hydration, Meditation (2019) is an illustration series to portray seasonal behaviours and emotions a lot of people develop during the winter in the U.K.

→ The illustrations largely comes from personal experience and visual interpretation following. I found myself becoming listless and unproductive, not wanting to get out my comfort zone. The still body of a woman portrays the low energy in behaviours. The room settings, screens and plants represent my desire to stay within the comfort zone. The pseudo-lights and pseudo-water represent my hope for motivation and healthier life through “sunlight, hydration, and meditation.”

[ "A Secure Place - Sunlight, Hydration, Meditation” series for Xhibit 2019 ]

The illustration series was showcased at multiple exhibitions in London, UK and Beijing, China.

→ Exhibitions  
    + Xhibit 2019 at The Koppel Project Central Gallery, London, UK 
    + Made in Arts London Exhibition at TM Lighting Gallery, London, UK
    + Here<>There Exhibition at Today Arts Museum, Beijing, China

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