Intimacy x Proximity
2018.03 - 2018.05
Interactive Design

Would knowing how close the other person to you affect how close you want to get to that person?

“Intimacy x Proximity” is an interactive experiment game engaging the call & response relations of screen-mediated intimacy, which was the main subject area for my research for MA Graphic Communication Design study at Central Saint Martins. 

How it works
How close you are to your game partner is shown to your partner's screen. And how close your partner to you is shown to you. 

Individual project created by Dana Hong as part of the MA Graphic Communication Design course at Central Saint Martins 2017-2019

Software & Hardware used: Arduino, Processing, Apple MacBook Pro
Coding reference from: Vaishu's Lab
Music: 'Come Close To Me (Live Session 1)' by Romare
Participants: Javiera Godoy, Santiago Rodriguez, Dan Ma, Adjuy Rahmat, Chengchen Zhao, Jiyong Ahn