Degree Show 2019 Website
Central Saint Martins, MA Graphic Communication Design
UX/UI Design

As a member of the web & digital communication team for the MA Graphic Communication Design Degree Show 2019, I was in charge of designing a website for the degree show with 2 other team members.

This year, the main concept and visual identity of the show focuses on change and development on individuals’ graphic communication design practices via add, remove, and replace.

The main challenges for the web & digital communication team were as below. 

1) Throughout the 2-year course, all students had developed keywords about their projects/practices over 3 times. The website should be a place to show the development of the keywords in an interactive and convincing way.
         a. How can we use the splash page as both an introduction to the show and fun, interactive space for people to engage?

2) The user’s journey should be straightforward and easy to navigate as there will be 40 students to be listed. Expected visitors include..
         a. Friends and family -> They normally look for a certain name straightway. -> Names should be alphabetical order.
         b. Potential recruiters -> Chances are they have seen projects they liked at the show. -> Having a thumbnail would help them remember the project / person. 
         c. Industry insiders -> They would like to see projects more relevant to their interests. -> Keywords would be a navigator for them to find relevant project / person. 

Go check out the website here

Or see below for some process highlights

WIP prototype made in Adobe XD.

Some wireframe development and notes from meetings

Interactive splash page idea.

Student list & individual page idea