Illustration Series “Intimacy”

My MA work largely focuses on intimacy. In this illustration series, I addressed intimacy from a somewhat different perspective – the ultimate fear that arises from intimacy, death. I tried to visualise how fragile a loved one’s life can be and emotional consequences of a left one. Three illustrations, Peace, Chaos, and Break, represent each stage of life we spend together with our loved ones.

PeaceWe are in a safe, peaceful world of ours.
Chaos - We soon realised there can be unexpected disruptions and chaos that try to pull us apart at any time.
Break In the end, we are so fragile, and our peaceful world/relationship gets broken apart.

*White chrysanthemums are widely used at funerals in Korea, symbolising loyalty and devoted love.
*This series is dedicated to my auntie, who lost her life recently from a sudden, unknown illness.